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Removing doubt on Tax Collection at Source on certain goods under Finance Act 2020

Finance Act, 2020 amended provisions relating to TCS with effect from 1st October, 2020 to provide that seller of goods shall collect tax @ 0.1 per cent (0.075% up to 31.03.2021) if the receipt of sale consideration from a buyer exceeds Rs. 50 lakh in the financial year. Further, to reduce the compliance burden, itContinue reading “Removing doubt on Tax Collection at Source on certain goods under Finance Act 2020”

Superstitions in India

Superstition refers to any belief or practice that is explained by supernatural causality, therefore contradicting modern science. Some beliefs and practices that are considered superstitious by some may not be considered so by others. The gap between what is perceived as superstitious and what is not widens when the opinions of the public and scientists are considered. Common superstitions inContinue reading “Superstitions in India”

AM General Wins $458 Million for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Spare Parts

AM General, South Bend, Indiana, has been awarded a maximum $297,124,077 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-quantity contract for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle parts. This was a sole-source acquisition using justification 10 U.S. Code 2304(c)(1), as stated in Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.302-1. This is a three-year base contract with two one-year option periods. Location of performance is Indiana,Continue reading “AM General Wins $458 Million for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle Spare Parts”

Crimes against Women: soot on the golden image of Bharatvarsh

Article by – Shishir Tripathi Intern at Hariyali FoundationIn collaboration withEducational News From ancient times, India has been known for its culture, its traditions and the simple lifestyle that people follow here, diverse geographical and cultural variations. But still India is also known to be as one of the most unsafe countries for women. MentioningContinue reading “Crimes against Women: soot on the golden image of Bharatvarsh”

Army of the US

The US Army Strategy, published in late 2018, continued the army’s shift from a focus on counterinsurgency to high-intensity conflict `involving large-scale combat with Division and Corps-level maneuvers against near-peer competitors’. The strategy has four lines of effort: building readiness; modernisation; reform; and strengthening alliances and partnerships. Building readiness for war and large-scale contingencies remainsContinue reading “Army of the US”


Niccolò Machiavelli Machiavellian is a word often used in context with Walsingham and it is believed he came into contact with the Italian’s writings while in Italy. The Florentine Niccolò Machiavelli was responsible for a number of important works, including the notorious Il Principe (The Prince), which was partly based on the exploits of CesareContinue reading “SPY, BRITANNIA II”

U.S. Air Force MQ-9A Reaper Takes Flight with 8 AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles

The 556th Test and Evaluation Squadron conducted the first flight of the MQ-9A Reaper carrying eight live AGM-114 Hellfire missiles on September 10, 2020, reinforcing the platform’s “persistent attack” role. The new software allows flexibility to load the Hellfire on stations that previously were reserved for 500 lb. class bombs or fuel tanks.This new capabilityContinue reading “U.S. Air Force MQ-9A Reaper Takes Flight with 8 AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles”


Running concurrently with the plot to snare Mary, Walsingham had been successful in obtaining intelligence on the Spanish preparations for invasion. The first of his successes was in the running of the double agent, Sir Edward Stafford. Sent to France as Elizabeth’s ambassador in 1583, Stafford was quickly snapped up by the Spanish who exploitedContinue reading “SPY, BRITANNIA III”