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The Four Yugas

Manier times,one might have heard  about the four main eras in many theologies. What do the ‘four eras’ mean? The below article describes the eras in the Hindu theology. Yugas Yugas can be roughly explained as time periods or eras. In the Hindu theology,there were 4 yugas(ages) Sat yuga/ Satya Yuga/Krita or Kruta Yuga Treta […]

The Four Yugas

Published by Aakash Choudhary

Hello everyone, I'm a fauji brat and I'm here to talk and share about military. I will be covering about world military since the times the Almighty has known mankind and mankind has known geographies, land, water, air, civilizations, countries, borders, war craft.

One thought on “The Four Yugas

  1. Stephen D Cook מקרא mikra: Biblical studies Heroes and villains (6): Uzziah, aka Azariah – is burning incense a bad thing?

    Greetings Stephen,

    The Holy Writings of the T’NaCH in general and דברי הימים\Chronicles in particular — they function as later commentaries to the earlier Books of the prophets which make up the NaCH.

    Shall now quote directly from your blog so that the general reader likewise sits on the same page.

    [[[“””The writer(s) of Kings either didn’t know this story about Uzziah/Azariah offering incense in the Temple, or it wasn’t relevant to their account because they had no interest in defending the priestly claim to exclusivity when it came to performing religious rites. However, there is a huge problem with this story for the Chronicler. While they condemn Uzziah for offering incense in the Temple, the book of Kings notes that Solomon did the same thing! “Three times a year Solomon used to offer up burnt offerings and sacrifices of well-being on the altar that he built for the LORD, offering incense before the LORD” (1 Kings 9:25). Chronicles asserts that offering incense on the altar was a function of the Aaronic priesthood (1 Chron. 6:49) from which the Zadokite priests claimed descent, and therefore condemned Uzziah for breaching this protocol. Kings, however, asserts that Solomon did the same thing. It is possible that the writer of Chronicles was aware of this and chose to ignore it because it didn’t fit with their agenda. It is equally possible that an editor of Kings added this information to the book after Chronicles was written in order to highlight the inconsistency (and hypocrisy) of the Zadokite position. Either way, it demonstrates the rivalry between the writers of the two books and how they recorded, or altered, history for their own purposes.”””]]]

    The T’NaCH commands mussar. This exceptionally bad Xtian non-discipline of cherry picking p’sukim\verses springs from the counterfeit Gospels and new testament narishkeit, written by Roman aristocrats hostile to Jews in general and Jewish culture based upon the T’NaCH specifically. That abomination dolls up a mythical imaginary Man, born from Zeus raping yet another married woman. (Virgin birth: what an original excuse made by a bitch who had an adulterous affair with some other Gawd; the church dogma of ‘free will’ flies straight out the window, if Mary opposed the rape by Zeus. If she opened her legs with consent… either way, Xtian theology, dogma, and doctrine – “””altered, history for their own purposes.”””)

    The contradiction raised by your blog merits address. T’NaCH does not teach “history”. T’NaCH commands mussar; it “teaches” by means of Aggadic stories. The sages who organized and edited the Talmud, consequently organized Jewish scholarship around these two opposing poles – Halachic contrasted by Aggadic scholarship. A critical flaw in Xtian preaching over their grossly perverted scriptures, those priests and pastors totally ignore the culture and customs of the Jewish people … the folk who wrote the T’NaCH in the first place. That mamzer (bastard in both Hebrew and Yiddish) religion sought to expunge the Jewish people, our culture, customs, manners, and ways from their “old testament”; on equal par with the Nazis ‘Final Solution’, the criminal attempt to exterminate all Jews from the face of Europe and Russia.

    Needless to say, modern Israel has nothing but loathing and utter contempt for the EU, Russia, and their ventriloquist dummy, that post World War II — replacement of the defunct League of Nations\Woodrow Wilson narishkeit\(Yiddish for none sense) — the United Nations. The idiotic attempts by foreign Capitals, which assume that they possess some mystical mandate from heaven, which authorizes some imaginary “International Law”, whereby these hostile Capitals determine the borders and National Capital of the Jewish State of Israel … such arrogant brain dead stupidity … only matched by the mamzer church bible perversions of the Hebrew T’NaCH. The moral authority of all Europe and Russia – terminated with their despicable “Final Solution” which tortured, starved, and violently murdered 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years.

    Joseph Goebbels propaganda by which he justified the Nazi invasion of Poland, the main stream media of the western press has even surpassed; through its artificial creation of “Balestine”. (Arabs of the Middle East cannot pronounce the letter P). The League of Nations “mandate”, as if a post World War I 1919 Treaty of Versailles League of Nations had the authority to impose upon other countries the stripping of the Ottoman Empire by the French and British empires respectively! British “Balestine” included within its “mandate” all the lands of Jordan and most of Iraq. Yet the MSM press posts pictures of “Balestine” by which Israeli Apartheid imposes a system of institutionalized racial segregation of the Palestinian people!

    No Arab, during the post World War I British mandate would ever consent to refer to himself as a Palestinian, because the British received this League “mandate”, based upon the Balfour Declaration, of establishing a Jewish home in the Middle Eastern which developed into modern Israel. The same MSM press, totally silent over the UN exclusion of Israel as a nation State within the borders of the Middle East! The UN condemnations which continuously denounce the Zionist entity, ignores the FACT that Ben Gurion accepted both UN proposals to establish either a Arab Jewish Republic or a 2 State solution. All Arab countries, by stark contrast, immediately invaded the Jewish state, with the express aim to throw the Jews into the Sea and complete the Nazi Holocaust.

    The MSM makes no mention that the states comprising the EU and Russia, publicly declared their neutrality in 1948, the 1st Israeli war of Independence, and actively sided with the Arab enemy in 1967, the 2nd Israeli war of Independence. Ignored, the UN condemnation of Jordan’s illegal annexation of Samaria and East Jerusalem in 1950. Rather all these hostile states, in conjunction with their UN ventriloquist dummy, continually drip drip drip their empty condemnation of Israel as the occupying power of captured Arab territories. Ignored, that Britain, as one of its first acts as the mandatory power, separated Balestine from Trans-Jordan at the Jordan river. Ignored, the post 6 Day June War, which captured Arab refugee populations, temporarily residing within Samaria and East Jerusalem, that these Ottoman era Arab share-croppers never ruled any Independent Arab country within the borders of post 1967 Israel. Never mentioned, the failure of Arab countries since their defeats in ’48 and ’67, to repatriate their stateless Arab refugee populations scattered across the entire Middle East like as did Israel repatriate the Jewish refugee populations expelled from almost all Arab countries following their defeat.

    Propaganda rhetoric of this ilk, it stands upon precedents of how the Xtian church perverted and created their bible translations in their own image. Their bible abominations expunge the Name of HaShem commanded in the first Commandment @ the revelation of the Torah at Sinai. Thereby duplicating the sin of the golden calf, made by Aaron the brother of Moshe.

    Their disgusting biblical translations expunged the T’NaCH Order of sugiot. Their theology replaced sugiot with their alien and utterly foreign, and completely abhorrent perversion – their old testament – made into chapters and verses. This decision “Converted and Babtized” their bibles into books of avodah zarah.

    The Nazis, similar to Western press propaganda rhetoric, based their attempted mass extermination of all European Jewry, upon prior Xtian precedents throughout 2000+ years of oppression, slander, taxation without representation, and repeated unilateral expulsion of Jewish stateless refugee populations from all Western European countries. The victorious Allies refused to bomb the rail lines leading to the death camps. Stalin ordered a halt of the Russian offensive, to give the Nazi time to exterminate the remaining Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto.

    Xtian hostility to Christ Killers expressed itself, non stop from ancient times to the present. The church used their old testament as but a mere stepping stone to serve as proof of the coming of their victorious messiah. For 2000+ years the church preached that Gawd had cursed the Jews and condemned them to wander as despised refugee populations. But post 1948, the tattoo of Cain, permanently imprinted upon the forehead of the church believers; they now stink and rot in exile, accursed waiting for the 2nd coming of JeZeus son of Mary. All their theology and dogma proven as but vain empty shadows and smoke. The theology of monotheism directly violates the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.

    The masoret\tradition whereby the sages of Israel have struggled to understand the nature of Torah commandments, this strenuous exertion of thought, during the 2nd Common Wealth, as recorded in the Talmud and Midrashim, the sages taught the tefillah serves as ”avodat HaShem” in the stead of korbanot\sacrifices. This same sh’itta\method of learning/ equally applies to the mitzva of Moshiach, and virtually all commandments\\mitzvot. The sages within the Talmud teach that any Israel can rule as “king”. The prophet Shmuel anointed Shaul of the Tribe of Benjamin, before he anointed David as Moshiach. An opinion in the Gemarah of Sanhedrin teaches that the mitzva of Moshiach applies to all generations of Israel.

    What mitzva does the dedication of Moshiach as “king” sanctify? The king fights the war of HaShem. The ‘war of HaShem’ – defined as the eternal struggle between the Yatzir Ha’Tov against the Yatzir Ha’Rah within the heart of all Israel throughout the generations. T’shuvah defines the k’vanna of all tefillah. The t’shuvah dedication made to HaShem: the Yatzir Ha’Tov dedicates ‘holy to HaShem’ – tohor middot; contrast the t’shuvah dedicated by the Yatzir Ha’Rah: wherein Israel regrets tumah social behavior, expressed in social situations among our bnai brit people. The t’shuvah of the Yatzir Ha’Rah commits a person not to behave like a dog, and return and eat its own vomit. The difference between tohor and tumah middot of t’shuvah … as separate and distinct as the earth from the heaven; day from night, land from sea.

    Your “contradiction” between the commentary of דברי הימים with the much earlier Book מלכים reveals the mental conflict over what distinguishes between Torah commandments and rabbinic mitzvot. Rabbinic mitzvot define the k’vanna of the תרי”ג mussar commandments, as applicable to all generations of Israel.

    The Jewish people do not wait for the coming of Moshiach. Upon each and every Jew, in all generations rests the burden to rule either as an individual, like Daniel, Job, or Noach, or as a national leader, like king David, with righteous justice among our bnai brit people. Justice defined as: the righteous restoration of damages inflicted, (a רמז to Common Law courtroom rulings), either by accident or intent, for the person who suffered damages to receive fair compensations. Torah faith rests upon the יסוד\foundation/ of: Justice Justice Pursue. Both the judgment of g’lut or geulah hinges upon Justice.

    Power contrasts with justice. The attempts to negate the existence of an Independent Jewish state in the Middle East by Europe, Russia, and the UN defines exertions of power. Power to declare Israel a pariah state, which denounces Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people, this has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with Imperialism. Third tier Europe, regrets its post war second World ranking status; its moral collapse as king of the First World nations; combined with the fact that the US military occupies Europe to this very day.

    The EU views the Jewish State with as much or more alarm as does the Xtian church – irrespective of its many denominations. Strategic Israeli interests which views European intentions in the Middle East as hostile, which seeks to limit the influence of Europe in the Middle East and North African & Sahel countries to an absolute minimum, directly challenges EU and Russian efforts to restore their former Great Powers glory.

    Let’s learn. Shall obey and follow the Gemarah style of learning a Case\Rule Mishna by bringing up a close precedent followed by a slightly distant precedent. The common law sh’itta by which the Talmud learns bases itself upon the T’NaCH. The sages based their wisdom upon common law learning – by means of comparing precedent cases, competitive and similar sugiot. The discipline which examines the k’vanna of a sugia based upon similar sugiot, this most essentially defines the Oral Torah logic system. A logic format separate and totally distinct from the logic philosophies developed by the ancient Greek societies, specifically Athens.

    Your cherry picked p’suk 1 Kings 9:25, contained within the sugia of מלכים א ט:כג-כח. Shlomo’s wife from the House of Par’o, she ceased to worship her Gods? No. אז בנה את המלוא refers to Shlomo building her a house of worship next to her house. A close comparative sugia מלכים א ג:ה-יד. King David had multiple wives. But none of his wives worshiped avodah zarah as did the daughter of Par’o, and the many other foreign wives which aroused the heart of king Shlomo to abandon the Cohen brit faith. All kings of Israel, the measure of their sanctification, the oils of Moshiach, measured by the Moshiach king David.

    Another crossed reference close precedent ישעיה ד:ב-ו. The dwelling place mentioned the heart of bnai brit man, the seat of the Yatzir Tov and Yatzir Rah. A precedent, not as close as the previous two ירמיה ד:ג-ח, which compares to ירמיה ה: י-יג, another slightly more distant precedent. HaShem judges the heart of Man. Herein defines the mussar as taught in the T’NaCH sources.


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