Army of the US

The US Army Strategy, published in late 2018, continued the army’s shift from a focus on counterinsurgency to high-intensity conflict `involving large-scale combat with Division and Corps-level maneuvers against near-peer competitors’. The strategy has four lines of effort: building readiness; modernisation; reform; and strengthening alliances and partnerships. Building readiness for war and large-scale contingencies remains […]

Army of the US

Published by Aakash Choudhary

Hello everyone, I'm a fauji brat and I'm here to talk and share about military. I will be covering about world military since the times the Almighty has known mankind and mankind has known geographies, land, water, air, civilizations, countries, borders, war craft.

2 thoughts on “Army of the US

  1. I remember I got to ride around in one of those a few times when I was a legal secretary in an Armored Division in the U.S. Army back in the ’80’s. They were quite a machine back then and with the upgrades and such as I understand they are still quite a machine.

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    1. Yes tanks are wonderful…. they can turn tables in war and are important for mechanised warfare. Madam, you are very lucky to sit in these. Rightly said they are hell of a machine. From 1st world war till date they have come a long way… and are certainly superb machines.

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