The 38cm S.K. L/45 ‘Max’ railway gun

The 38cm S.K. L/45 ‘Max’ was Germany’s largest-calibre railway gun. It could fire from the rails as a rolling mount, but only when the barrel was elevated less than 18 degrees. This gun was captured by the Belgian Army. For long-range fires the German 38cm S.K. L/45 ‘Max’ operated from a fixed ground platform. Here, […]

The 38cm S.K. L/45 ‘Max’ railway gun

Published by Aakash Choudhary

Hello everyone, I'm a fauji brat and I'm here to talk and share about military. I will be covering about world military since the times the Almighty has known mankind and mankind has known geographies, land, water, air, civilizations, countries, borders, war craft.

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