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According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with two faces, four arms, four legs and two sets of genitalia. They were fearless, fast and quite dominant than the present day humans.

One day, the imprudent creatures threatened to conquer the gods and become the new rulers. Soon, instead of killing the creatures, the gods came up with a solution to fight back.

To stop them, Zeus split the creatures in half to punish them for their foolishness. As a result, each creature was only left with one face, two arms, two legs and a single set ofgenitals.This left the creatures in complete misery. To mitigate their sorrow, Apollo (God of healing) sewed them up and made a couple changes to the creaturesโ€™ bodies.

Soon, all the creatures were in search of their โ€˜other halfโ€™. They set out to find their other part to attain completionโ€ฆ

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Published by Aakash Choudhary

Hello everyone, I'm a fauji brat and I'm here to talk and share about military. I will be covering about world military since the times the Almighty has known mankind and mankind has known geographies, land, water, air, civilizations, countries, borders, war craft.

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