3 Things We Should All Stop Apologizing For🌕.


We’re wired to seek a sense of belonging, and we fear being ostracized from our tribe, so many of us lean toward excessive contrition and apologies to ensure we’re still in people’s good books.A weird feeling called “Guilt” is one of the major reason which makes people apologize a lot.There is always a right time and need for a meaningful and true apology,but honestly most of us find ourselves saying too much and too often “Sorry”.I have noticed that the most used word of my entire day is “Sorry”. I feel I should not apologize for most of the things I do,most importantly I should not apologize for being myself because that’s how Iam!

Apologizing for the below 3 points is a complete no-no. I’ve decided to make an actual effort to limit my sorry’s-Wanna Join me?

Being Myself.

Honestly, I’m a very frank and straight-forward person,but…

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Published by Aakash Choudhary

Hello everyone, I'm a fauji brat and I'm here to talk and share about military. I will be covering about world military since the times the Almighty has known mankind and mankind has known geographies, land, water, air, civilizations, countries, borders, war craft.

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